Jeramie Bellmay Portrait by Philip LaubnerAbout Jeramie

Jeramie has passionately explored art and movement since early childhood. His desire for creation and balance has lead him to an esoteric communication that occurs when he externalizes through various mediums. Seeking a greater spatial awareness, and access through transcendent realms, Jeramie taps into the universal flow, and pushes the boundaries of the imagination, lifting us out of the known and into a realm of magic and wonder.

Jeramie is also the co-founder and Artistic Director of The Circus of Wonders.

About Perception Altar

Altars have existed as focal points for magical thinking throughout time. The altar acquires power purely from our own thoughts, directed towards the objects contained within and the places we imagine they will take us. Perception Altar is an ongoing exploration of how our entire experience of reality can be seen as an altar, infusing whatever we wish with creative thought at any given moment.