Scoposcope, 2010-2013

Scoposcope is a fully interactive light installation, which organically generates color, light, shape and design through the use of kaleidoscopic video feedback, glass & acrylic spheres, and LCD technology. In collaboration with David London.


Sensorium, 2010

Sensorium was an interactive dinner experience, which took place inside of a geodesic dome on Washington, DC’s Capital Waterfront. The experience featured a 13 course meal combined with music, performance, and play. Jeramie served as the Artistic Director of Sensorium, and designed and constructed all costumes, props, and puppets. Jeramie also designed and painted the set for Sensorium.

      Sensorium Stage. 2010.   Sensorium Table Setting. 2010.   Sensorium Performers. 2010.

Sensorium Fish Puppet. 2010.   Sensorium Liquid Nitrogen Dispensor. 2010.   Sensorium Leather Bird Masks

Sensorium Performers. 2010.    Sensorium C. 2010.


Imagine Device, 2010

The Imagine Device is a fully interactive wireless video teleidoscope. The version depicted below was commissioned for a private collection. In collaboration with David London.

Imagine Device. 2010.   Imagine Device. 2010.   Imagine Device. 2010.

Imagine Device. 2010.    Imagine Device. 2010.

Winnebago Commission, 2009

Winnebago Commission   Winnebago Commission   Winnebago Commission


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